One of the main concerns of potential dog owners, especially ones that live in apartments or with close neighbors is the fear that their new dog will bark enough to disturb neighbors. This is a valid concern, as some dog breeds tend to bark more than others, and some have been bred to do so as part of their job function.

There are a variety of dog breeds that are known for not barking much, and most of them can make a great pet for almost any owners, the rest will require an experienced dog handler.

Australian Shepherd: The Australian Shepherd is a smart medium-sized dog, which was, contrary to its name, developed in the United States. They are highly trainable, and make wonderful pets, as well as working dogs.

Bernese Mountain Dog: An amazing family pet, the Bernese Mountain Dog hails from Switzerland, and was originally used as an all-purpose farm dog. They have a very clam temperament, and loving nature, and can be a great part of the family, and welcoming to strangers as long as they are well socialized at a young age.

English Bulldog: This well-known breed, is a family favorite. Despite is rough exterior, Bulldogs are lovable dogs with a calm and laid back temperament. They were bred as herding dogs, but now are mostly kept as family companions.

Boston Terrier: They are a highly intelligent breed of small dog that are easily trained, and make wonderful companions, especially for those living in cramped quarters. Even though the breed was originally developed for fighting and hunting small varmint, they were downsized to be companions.

Borzoi: Also known as the Russian Wolfhound, the large sight hound is highly intelligent, and requires an experienced owner; however, if trained properly they can adapt surprisingly way to home life.

Irish Setter: The Irish Setter is a striking breed that is hard to mix up with any other breed. It is highly energetic, and has great energy and stamina. It was originally developed as a hunting dog, but is now often kept as a companion animal.

Akita: The Akita (Inu) is a Japanese dog breed that is very strong-willed and independent, and can be difficult to train/handle for an inexperienced owner. There are two varieties of the breed (as far as the AKC is concerned), with the more common variety being the American Akita.

Shiba Inu: Another Japanese dog breed, the Akita Inu is an ancient breed developed for hunting, particularly boar. The first Shiba Inu was brought to the US by Helen Keller who was presented with two dogs, after she showed great interest in the breed.

Irish Wolfhound: A giant dog breed, the Irish Wolfhound was developed as a hunting dog, and is a sight hound, similar to the aforementioned Borzoi. Today, the breed makes a great family dog, but requires an owner with a firm hand, and one willing to provide the natural runner lots of exercise opportunities.