Not all dogs like being in the water, but retriever breeds were born swimmers. Whether they are racing after fallen prey on a hunting excursion with their master, or they are paddling after an escaped Frisbee, retriever breeds thrive the most when they are splashing in the waves or on a mission to bring an object back. Here are a handful of our favorite fluffy retrievers (of all kinds!) in their element.

This adept hunter is on a mission, and no puddles are going to hold him back!

Getting a little wet? Worth it for the prize!

Even fetching enormous sticks is not too great a task for this motivated pup.

Fishing is a fun pastime if you are as strong a swimmer as this Golden Retriever and his partner in crime!

If we had to imagine what Golden Retriever heaven might look like… this would be a good guess.

These guys can even keep up with large marine animals. Thank God it’s only a dolphin…

Pool time is playtime for swimmers like this Portuguese Waterdog!

Poodle breeds may not be called retrievers, but there is no mistaking these pups love a good swim session too!

One photographer made it possible for us to see what these fur-babies even look like underwater!

Some dogs are less camera-ready than others. But hey, in the name of retrieving!

Though swimming isn’t for every pup, most dogs are completely fine with a little hydration-therapy.