The beloved Bulldog has numbered in the top 20 favorite breeds for many decades. From their short easy-to-care-for coats, to their squat noses, sympathetic eyes, muscular bodies, and hilarious personalities, Bulldogs have toppled their way into the hearts of many devotees around the world. Due to the popularity of these dogs, canine breeders have cross-bred the classic English Bulldogs and creative numerous hybrids into several distinct breeds in the Bulldog family. These hybrid Bulldogs have been number up to nearly 50 variations the breed. However, only the primary Bulldog mixes are listed below.

Bulldog Breeds

English Bulldog:  This most popular breed is the original, the grandfather of all Bulldogs and a descendant of the now extinct Old English Bulldog.

American Bulldog: Lithe yet sturdy, this Bulldog breed is a classic family dog in the United States. Though it is neither as stocky nor short as the English Bulldog, the American version is more athletic and able to run greater distances.

French Bulldogs: This breed is the smallest of the Bulldog family, and was first intended to be a lap dog for royals. Since those early days, Frenchies have quickly become a great favorite across the world, and currently rank as New York City’s most popular dog breed!

Australian Bulldog: The Aussie Bulldog is not a well-recognized breed, as there are not many distinctions from an English Bulldog. However, they often have slightly longer legs, and are primarily bred in Australia.

Banter Bulldog: Bearing a great resemblance to the Boxer dogs and Pit Bulls, this hybrid is a mix of Boxers and other working Bulldog breeds. Their thicker flanks and broader shoulders make them well-suited for pulling heavy loads.

Valley Bulldog: The Valley Bulldogs are less common than other breed variations. Known for their pouty faces and floppy ears, the Valley Bulldog looks like an English and Boxer hybrid.

Though they are not officially considered Bulldogs, these breeds are distant family members with Bulldog genes in their ancestry: American Pit Bull Terrier, American Stratford Terrier, Bullmastiff, Boxer, Boston Terrier, Bull Terrier dogs, etc. No matter what size and shape the Bulldogs come in, they are always a bundle of charm and fun!