Big dogs seem to have little awareness of their size sometimes. They go tipping flower pots, books, and coffee cups over simply by wagging their tails, and can knock people over when they jump up for a “hello” kiss. But this lack of awareness and gawkiness just endears these darling hounds to us all the more.  Whether they are slowly edging us out of our own beds, completely monopolizing the couch, or are trying to wiggle their way on our laps, these pups seem to only want one thing: cuddle time with their favorite person! Here are the best 15 giant dogs that have no concept of personal space!

No, that’s not stuffed animal, it’s a Goldendoodle.


Some Mastiff mixes just have no idea that they are twice someone’s size:


It’s a miracle this guy can breathe under this Great Dane.


Don’t notice me. Nothing to see here!


Rufus is hoping she won’t notice the extra few pounds he put on this week.


Ah, come on, Mom!  The grandkids get to do it!


Oh, I’m sorry, were you sitting here?


Sorry boys, you don’t stand a chance. She’s mine!


If it weren’t for the arm, we wouldn’t have seen the human buried under this St. Bernard.


Sometimes laps can get a little crowded when friends come to visit.


He was kind of hoping they could have a little chat;  man to man –er dog.