There is no doubt about it, felines are schemers. Just watch the way they hunt!  Cats observe potential prey for hours, learning the object’s movements, patterns, tendencies, and patiently they bide their time. Then, cat will stalk behind them, creeping to get the exact right angle of attack. When the moment is right and the animal least expects it, the cat will pounce upon its prey and make an end of the pesky creature.

Now… you’ve been warned. The signs of a cat on the hunt are unmistakable, so learn how to tell if YOUR cat might be plotting an attack on you! Look for the tell-tale signals:

Signs of An Impending Cat-Attack

The feline might start by hiding in an unexpected place…

If he can’t see you, you most definitely can’t see him.

He might even try to form alliances with the dog.

Your source of nourishment will slowly be depleted.

Your power over the TV will be undermined.

You might recognize this crazy-eyed look just before it happens.

Or claws coming RIGHT for your face!

Learn from these birds. They won’t know what hit them…

After all, you don’t want to turn into this lady, who the cat has in her clutches.  Don’t trust that smile. This woman is begging for her life.

Beware of the treacherous cat!