College is just around the corner, and still you can’t bear the thought of a life without animals. Fortunately there are several colleges that are specifically known for being animal-friendly!  Find out which universities are welcoming towards pets (and not just for observation in the science lab!)

Wellesley College- Massachusetts

If you own a bird, exotic fish, or small rodent, you can bring them along to your dorm. One tough thing about this school? While you will get to enjoy the company of your parakeet, you’ll sacrifice having men folk around; this is a women-only college.

Sweet Briar College -Virginia

No men are allowed to study at this institution either, BUT feel free to bring your horse! The elite ladies riding club offers boarding for privately owned horses, as long as the owner of the animal is an official member of the club.

MIT- Massachusetts

The students at MIT have a healthy understudying of how pets improve one’s quality of life, as well as their mental stimulation. Students at this celebrated institution are allowed to bring their pet cats to college with them, so long as the felines stay in approved areas. (CalTech in Pasadena, CA allows attendees to keep cats as pets, and also encourages students to volunteer for the on-campus feral cat care program as well!)

University of Idaho

Students are permitted to bring both birds AND cats to live with them…. and each dorm room is allowed a total of two cats or birds in each dorm room.  While this might seem especially generous to some, we are not quite sure about UI’s policy on pet ownership, if the cats and birds are allowed to live in the same dorm together.

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Though students at this college may have to weather some brutally cold Illinois winters, they won’t have to do it alone.  The university allows students to keep up to 2 cats, rabbits, rodents, fish and even their dogs in their dorms!

Washington & Jefferson College, Pennsylvania

There are not many restraints for pet-owners enrolled at this university.  Any animal under 40 pounds (be it cat, dog, bird, guinea pig, rabbit, gerbil, fish or octopus) is welcomed with open arms here. Perhaps even unique pets likes ferrets, Fennec Foxes or exotic cats might be included in this varied list of furry friends.

Stephens College, Montana

True animal-lovers will find themselves right at home at this college.  Here, pets are more than welcomed, they are honored and prioritized. Nearly any (decent-sized) animal you can imagine is allowed to live on this campus, and there are even foster animals students can care for, no-kill shelters nearby and doggie-daycare facilities on site for those morbid moments when people have to spend time in class rather than home playing with their pets. It is educational institutions like Stephens College that gives us hope for humanity and the world of pet-care!