It’s tough to find a cat or dog so ugly that they strike fear into human hearts.  Usually when a cat is awkward, or a little on the unattractive side, we just find them endearing. Here are some of the best cats that make you go “Yikes! I love it!”

This water-hating cat is less than appealing, but dontcha just want to hold him?

Not many kitties come uglier than this long-nosed, wide-eared feline!

This mangy cat looks like he hasn’t had a bath or seen a groomer in months! Don’t be fooled, he is just au natural for a Selkirk Rex!

This cranky little Sphynx might actually take the cake with these ugly mug shots…

The pillow-like girth of this scowling kitty, just makes him that much more adorable in our eyes! <a

A Scottish Fold/Munchkin mix cat certainly makes for a peculiar looking pet. Still, this entranced little kitty is a heart-stealer.

There are so many uncomfortable things about this one. The hideous Santa sweater is too tight. The cat is clearly unhappy and would rather chow down on his food than go to that Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.  Still, it’s tough to resist a pet in knits.

If we came across this odd-looking animal in the wild, it would be a genuinely unnerving experience. <a

Some cats look like that are ready to give you a piece of their mind!  This yellow-eyed fur-baby sure looks upset!

These two pet-owners are convinced they have the ugliest cats. Maybe it is just an awkward angle?!

Almost rodent-like this hairless cat is a perfect example of a kitty who is “so ugly it’s cute.” We’d like to have one too!