The latest culinary craze humans have rallied around over the last few years, is the food truck. Meals on wheels have become such a popular phenomenon that many cities have streets where the only food you can purchase for blocks is that of a long line of food trucks parked in succession. If you are craving sushi, you can order sushi. If you are in the mood for creative hot dogs, freshly baked goods, or varieties of tossed salads, vegetarian and vegan cuisine, or some homemade ice cream, there is very likely a food truck nearby to satisfy every craving.  Therefore, it is not surprising that the next thing to follow would be a food truck catering to canines.

A common place for food trucks to set up shop, are in areas where business parks or heavily commercial areas where people will run outside to grab a quick bite to eat before returning to their desks. But food trucks also become regulars at family parks and near schools where people walk their dogs and come to play.  Nothing is better than a picnic with your family where you can also purchase a yummy snack for your pooch to enjoy.

Popular Pet Food Trucks

Food trucks centered on canine cuisine are popping up with great success all over America in places like New York, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles (those Californians love pampering their pets), Austen, and New Orleans. In cities like Seattle, Washington (where cats and dogs allegedly outnumber the children) food trucks serving doggy-dishes will park next to farmer’s markets and dog parks to serve the visitors in the area.  Many items on the menu use peanut butter as a key ingredient for the doggy biscuits, and “pupcakes”, dog-doughnuts, and bacon cookies. There are also savory protein rich sides that pet owners can purchase, including duck neck, chicken feet, and chewy homemade dog treats.

Prioritizing the quality of the ingredients seems to be of utmost importance to the food truck owners. Fido, a food truck based in San Diego and in Chicago serves allergen-free and gluten free dog cookies, as well as a variety of refreshing canine desserts such as ice cream and frozen yoghurt –the perfect puppy treat for a hot day playing in the park. Milo’s Kitchen Doggie Treat Truck  is another example of a company whose main goal is to use the healthiest ingredients in their dishes, in the hope of extending and enriching the pet’s life.  Though prices can be on the higher side, customers can rest assured knowing the products contain no artificial flavors and colors, and are made from meat sourced 100% from American-raised livestock.
Visiting this food truck in particular comes with an extra plus to two, as there is a dog lounge dogs can relax and eat with their owners, and a “selfie station” where photo ops are waiting to happen.

While we hesitate to guess just how long this trend will last, one thing is for certain people are getting used to the idea of pet-food trucks.  There is certainly something to be said for the ingenuity of this business and convenience these trucks bring to pet owners. After all, as long as the quality of food is good for the dog, who are we to criticize?