Not only do cats like to fit in tiny spaces, and perch on the highest of heights, they also have an affinity for sleeping in odd positions. We know that felines have more flexible spines than humans do, but it is hard to imagine some of the twisted, cramped stances they choose to be even remotely comfortable. And yet nothing seems to deter kittens from cozying up in bizarre ways. Here are some of our favorite odd ways that cats like to sleep.

This cat seems to either be worshiping the sun, or really, really hoping for a belly rub.

Cuddling three at a time? Clearly these kitties are onto something!

They say that a drool puddle indicates some delightfully deep sleep. If so, this cat is winning!

Feet in the air wouldn’t be my first choice, but it seems to be working well for this little feline.

Can’t imagine how this would feel on the spine, but this cat doesn’t seem to notice at all.

Don’t worry; he hasn’t had a stroke. This kitty is just napping!

This might be the best take on a cat’s “Buddha Pose” that we’ve seen yet!

There is nothing wrong with finding a nap-time buddy for when you need some shut eye!

We’re really not sure about this one. Ouch.

It sure seems like this would bring on a serous rush of blood to the head.

…And some cramped muscles when he wakes up!

But no matter how they sleep, cats just can’t help being adorable.