The dark circles under your eyes are getting deeper. It seems from early sunrise wake up call, to the enthusiastic snuggles that follow, your dog is determined to let you get as little sleep as possible. Then your waking hours are spent trying to quell the eagerness, energy and spunk that follow your pup as she bounces off the walls.
What do you do, when an hour-long playtime, or a romp in the backyard just isn’t enough? Or when your puppy still sprints across the house all evening, barking up a storm when you are trying to catch an hour of peace?

First of all, don’t give up. There is a reason why you originally fell in love with this bright-eyed and bouncy little pooch. High-energy dogs can be fun and exciting to be around, simply because they have a lot of personality, and are driven to be adventurous. Let us help you regroup, strategize and get excited about your furry bundle of gunpowder.

Keeping It Together

  • Accept that your dog is a powerhouse of spastic energy. The good news is, you will never be bored. And you will never question your dog’s enthusiasm for you.
  • See the wild energy as a benefit to your life. Wired dogs need to work out their kinks, so the second round of good news is, you are probably going to get more in shape. You may already be at the top of your fitness game, but having an active, tireless dog in your living space will really motivate you to take that extra jog. Not only will getting out of the house improve your physical health, but it will help your mental and emotional health too.
  • Go positive. What does that mean? No more complaining. Stop taking a negative spin on things. (This always makes the problem ten thousand times worse in your head.) Instead of rolling your eyes and sighing, or choosing to just be lazy, lean into the energy and engage with your dog! Don’t despise her for the bounciness, instead take it as a cue that YOU need a break, or that you need to put down your phone or laptop and get out in the sunshine. Go for a long walk, or take your dog to a field, beach or park and just sprint with her for a while. If you don’t have the ability to do so yourself, because of injuries or health issues, bring a Frisbee or ball and play fetch for a while. Dogs help us live well-rounded lives often when we are too ambitious, busy or tired to make the time we need. Engage with your dog’s need for speed in a positive way.

Solving the Drama

Find some alternative ways to channel your dog’s dynamism:

  • Give him a task or a job. Teach your pup some new tricks, such as training him to get the mail, or bring you a drink from the fridge.
  • Put him in training courses. Sign up your pup for agility training, hunting and tracking courses, or other sessions that will keep his mind AND body occupied.
  • Serve food in treat-hiding toys. This will direct all his energy toward fighting to get the last morsel out of the toy, and will keep him actively engaged.
  • Hire a dog-walker. If you have already gone to that spin class you love at the gym, and your pooch is just itching for an uphill hike, call a professional. A dog walker will help alleviate any burden from you, while giving your pup the attention he needs. It will be a worthwhile investment for you!
  • Try out an afternoon of doggy daycare. This would surely dispel the pent-up energy your canine is well-known for. Activities, games, exercise courses and fun with other animals will send your pooch home ready for a snooze.

Remember: Investing in your dog’s energy instead of ignoring it or getting annoyed, is an opportunity to 1) improve your own wellness
2) connect with dog owners, walkers and trainers in your community
3) help your dog gain new skills and disciplines that will better his and your life.