People venture out on road trips for different reasons. Some like to see new places, visit historical sites, or just go on an adventure of self-discovery. Whatever the purpose of your upcoming holiday, we think your experience can actually be improved by taking the dog along. Fortunately, many hotels across America (such as the Best Western chain) allow dogs to have accommodation just as readily as they welcome humans, so traveling with a pup shouldn’t pose too big of a concern. Here are some reasons to consider bringing your dog along for the ride!

1. Dogs are the perfect driving companion.  They are always up for an adventure with you, and won’t EVER complain about stopping too often. Dogs won’t argue with you, or get moody, making a long drive uncomfortable. Having a dog nearby is also sure to make you laugh and smile, since scientific studies show that people who spend time around animals are just happier in general.  And everyone wants to be happy on vacation!
They are also excellent at helping us get out of our chairs. Driving long distances is exhausting, even though it is sedentary.  At the end of long road trips, most people want to just have a meal and crash for the night, but traveling with a dog will not allow that. You will have to go for a walk before tucking in for the evening. This is a much healthier way to conduct a road trip!

2. If you get separated, a dog is more likely to find you. If your dog accidently gets separated from you while you are visiting a crowded place or a tourist attraction, they are more likely to find you than a pet cat or a phone-less human. Using their powerful noses, a dog will be able to find where you are waiting for him, and even track you if necessary. In one instance, Bobbie the Wonder-dog was able to track his family over 2,800 miles when he was accidentally left behind during a road trip. We are not sure a feline could pull that off!

3. They can sniff out trouble.  If you pull up to a lonely gas station and your co-pilot starts barking ferociously, or has his hackles go up when a stranger approaches you; pay attention.  Dogs have a sixth sense about people, danger, threats, on-coming storms, and the like. Your pooch might be the warning sign you need when trekking out unfamiliar territory or venturing to remote places.  Relying on your dog’s instincts may keep you from being in a sticky or vulnerable situation, so bringing this little skillful pal along with you is a great idea!

4. They are protective.  Whether you are a single woman heading out on the open road, or a man traveling solo, it is nice to know you are traveling with someone who has your back. There may be places along the way that you’d like to stop and explore, but doing so alone would just not be safe.  But having a dog with you will help since they can alert you if there is a rattlesnake in the bushes, or a mountain lion lurking nearby. If anything is amiss, or if a car accident should happen, leaving you unconscious, pet dogs have been known to run for help and protect their owners if they are in danger. When visiting new places, most of us feel safer with our loyal pooch close by!

5. Two’s company. It is no fun to explore new places without having anyone to share it with. Bringing your beloved pup ensures that you will have an eager companion the entire time, without risking making great memories with someone who may not be in your life forever. You can break up with a girlfriend/boyfriend or have a falling out with a human pal, but dog friendship is for life!  You will never look back on pictures of you and your Jack Russell Terrier at the Grand Canyon and think “Gosh I will I’d taken someone else on that trip with me!” Dogs love, appreciate and accept you just for being YOU, and often being around that kind of unconditional love is exactly the sort of therapy and affirmation we need.