We love cats. Living with a collection of kitties is not something we consider scorn-worthy, but rather something to aspire to! Though not everyone is a self-described cat-person (let’s face it, some people just prefer dogs) but there are those of us who really, I mean REALLY love our feline friends. If you can’t imagine a life without cats, review our questionnaire below to see if becoming a crazy cat lady, or a fellow feline fanatic is in your future.

An Abundance of Questions to Determine Your Level of Cat-Craziness

What fun things have you forgone for the sake of your cat?

  • Have you stopped listening to your music full blast because Mr. Snodgrasss can’t stand it?
  • Did you turn down that larger apartment because of its “no-pets allowed” rule?
  • Do you leave parties early when your cat is home alone?
  • Has your clothing style altered at all? Do you intentionally avoid fringes, tassels, and ties because you know your cat will paw at them all day?
  • Have you given up having a clean house, because you know there are bound to be piles of cat hair that your lint roller or hair removal brush always miss?

What do you plan around your cat?

  • Have you booked cat-centered vacations based on destinations that are pet friendly?
  • Do you cancel trips, or decide not to leave town if you cannot find EXACTLY the perfect person to care for your cat?
  • When you visit out-of-town family and friends, do you insist on bringing your kitty along on all your trips?
  • Are you already aware of what traveling with a cat on a train or a plane entails, and how much it costs, etc.?
  • Would you even put off having a family of your own to devote time and care to your kitties?
  • Do you throw your cat birthday parties, even having special cat-cakes made?

How committed are you to cat care?

  • How many times a day do you clean the litter box?
  • How often do you brush your cat’s teeth?
  • Is combing/brushing your cat a necessary part of your daily ritual?
  • Does the very idea of declawing a cat make you nauseous and despairing of the human race?
  • Is trip to the groomer’s a standard experience for you, and something you consistently make space for in the budget?
  • Is the food your put in your cat’s bowl the very best quality- no expenses spared?

How do you prioritize your cat in comparison with people?

  • Have you left a date (that was going well) early so you can go play with your cat?
  • On your social media profiles, are their more pictures of you and your cats than there are of you and your friends?
  • When you go to buddy’s house, are you more interested in seeing his cat then talking to him?
  • When you meet someone who mentions that they like cats, or that they have a cat, are you immediately interested in them (when you may not have been before)?
  • When you get together with close friends, are you excited to tell them about your cat’s latest outrage or adventure?
  • Are your friends threatening to un-friend or un-follow you if you don’t stop posting pictures of your kitties?
  • When you chat with strangers like the guy on the subway, your local barista, or the receptionist, do you find yourself mentioning your cat?
  • Would you leave your cat a large sum of money in your will, like these fanatics?

Are you into cat paraphernalia?

  • When you walk into a new store that has wallets and purses in the shape of cats, do you make a bee-line for those products?
  • Are there cat-shaped kitchen towels in the bathroom, feline pillows on your bed, and kitten calendars in your office?
  • Were movies about cats your favorite, growing up (and maybe even now)?
  • Would a visitor find one of the hilarious cat comedy books on your coffee table? Or perhaps a dreamy feline photograph hardback?
  • Are Le Chat Noir mugs, rugs, coasters, and posters all around your kitchen? (Don’t pretend it’s just because you like Paris!)
  • When Halloween rolls around, are you deliberating between being Cat Woman, or a lion or tiger, or perhaps the prowling Macavity from the musical Cats!?

Is your feline fanaticism universal?

  • Whenever you see a kitten outside, do you do everything in your power to coax him over to you? Do your friends joke that you are the “cat whisperer” and that every cat loves you?
  • When you go to a friend’s house for dinner, is their cat on your lap or in your arms for a good portion of the evening?
  • Do you love watching cat videos, and do you follow feline internet sensations, sharing all the adorable GIFs, vines and videos you come across?
  • When you visit the local animal shelter, do you just want to pet and play with all the cats, irrespective of age, breed and “cuteness?”

If you found yourself answering an affirmative to the majority of those questions… you may be a certifiable (as if that exists) cat freak!  That is not a bad thing. People should love their animals with evident devotion, and you go above and beyond!