Life is better with a dog. They are man’s best friend, a faithful buddy, and cheerful comrade in every up and down that circumstances send our way. Here are some of the elements of life that prove having a dog with you always makes a good time a GREAT one!

Working Out: Having trouble getting the motivation to sweat it out at the gym? Your dog is probably itching to get outside and accompany you on a run. With everything in life presenting reasons not to do something, a dog is always up for going on a challenging hike or a long walk. Better still? They push us to our limits in distance and ability, and rarely tire out before their humans do!

Vacationing: Traveling with friends is always a blast, especially if the friends don’t have opinions on which restaurant to eat at, and don’t complain about the weather or the length of lines. Dogs make the best companions because they are easy to please. Just being with their owner is enough to make them happy, so whatever you want to do on your vacation, your dog will be thrilled to tag along at your heels. That winery you wanted to visit? Bring Rover! That rock formation three hours outside the city? Rent a car and trek out with your pup. You will have plenty of company and no negativity to bring rain on your parade.

Exploring: Dogs are natural companions, especially when it comes to exploring new terrain. Their noses are vitally important for finding clues, identifying out any danger, or finding the way home when you might get lost. Even if the place you are exploring has no greater threat than the odd snake or on-looking buzzard, having a protector along is a comforting concept. And depending on how remote or perilous the trail, you will find yourself very relieved to have the presence of your dog along for the adventure!

Mingling: If you are looking to expand personal horizons, meet new people, or reach out to the community in your region, a dog is the best asset for such goals. Whenever you go to a park, or take your pooch on a walk in your neighborhood, people may want to come over and introduce themselves to your pup (particularly if he is a friendly one!). Canines are natural conversation starters, and an easy way to break the ice for people who are naturally more shy. To take human connections to the next level, join a dog-training class, or find out what social gatherings and organized play times occur in the area. Dogs are great at helping humans make meaningful connections with each other and bonding over a shared appreciation for canine cuteness.

Naptime: Whether you are about to crash after a long day or work, or an intense jog, your dog won’t turn his nose up at the smell of stinky socks or dirty active wear. He will happily pass out on the rug or couch with you, whatever your appearance might be. Dogs are also great at cuddling up with you on chilly nights, or when you are particularly lonely. They always are, and always have been eager for quality time with their owners, and can be a comforting presence any time you want to take a snooze.

Reading: Reading is an enjoyable pastime, whether alone or with company. But nothing is as soothing as sipping a mug of tea or coffee while you read, as your pooch snuggles next to you on your armchair, or lays down next to your feet. (If you train him, your dog can even learn to fetch a beverage from the fridge so you can stay on the couch with your book!) The presence of a pup just makes everything in life so much better!