burmese cat

Many people love dogs without being at liberty to own one due to allergies or accommodation restrictions, etc. Though felines greatly differ from canines in many ways, there are cat breeds who share some of the same winning qualities that pups possess. Here are the best cat breeds for people who love dogs.

Ragdolls:  These mild-mannered kitties have the same charm as sleepy lapdogs. They are not needy creatures, or ever-searching for exercise and excitement.  Ragdolls are happy to simply be held, carried and cuddled by their owners.

Turkish Angora:  This cat breed is incredibly playful and game oriented.  Not only do they love attention and playtime with their owner, but they also are not afraid of water. Families that love dogs but are not up for taking care of them, would be paired well with the Turkish Angora.

Chartreux:  Cat owners have long been frustrated that felines are highly independent creatures that do things on their own time, and do not always respond when called.  However, the Chartreux breed not only plays fetch and catch like a dog, but they are good at recognizing their own names, and coming when they are called.

Burmese: Dogs make their owners feel valued and needed because of their demand for attention and affection. Burmese cats have the same kind of bond with their owners, and like dogs they do not do well when left alone for long periods of time. 

American Curl: Though this cat is much rarer breed than others, the American Curl is the perfect cat to have in busy homes.  Though they are not needy cats, these are excellent with children, elderly people, and a variety of other pets.

Manx: The short-tailed Manx cat is dog-like in devotion when it comes to their owner. These felines are known for following around the people they love from room to room. They are easy-going, and happy to accompany their families on adventurous trips, such as car rides, or on long walks with a leash.  The Manx has also been described as protective, guarding their families from intruders.

Ocicat: The trainability of dogs is one aspect that makes them a very appealing pet. Fortunately the Ocicat breed is good at learning boundaries and rules, with the same responsiveness as canine pets.

Abyssinian: Some cats are like dogs in their desire to lounge and snuggle with their owners, while others have all the spark and vigor of rambunctious puppies.  Active children in homes where owning a dog is not possible will enjoy having the Abyssinian around, since these cats will energetically leap, run, scamper and play to the child’s content, just as a dog would.