mutt sitting in doorway

Some people find one breed of dog they like, and they become devoted for life. In all their family pictures, there is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel for each season of life. Other people insist that pedigree dogs come from solid blood lines with proven personality traits and predictable behaviors.   While the comparison between mutts and purebred dogs is still widely debated, we wanted to throw out a few reasons why mutts might be the most lovable pups of all!

5 Reasons to Love a Mutt

Mutts won’t break the bank. If you have every fallen in love with an expensive dog breed, you know what it’s like to gasp for air when you heard a puppy could cost anywhere from $1500-2500! (Here’s looking at you, French Bulldogs, you expensive little darlings!) Mutts seldom exceed the $200-300 adoption fee. Phew –that’s much better!

They can still compete in dog shows, just not breed specific events. All mutts, hybrids and mixed breeds can compete in tracking, agility and skill races. Mutts can also be trained as service dogs to aid the blind, or physically and mentally impaired.

Mutts have less severe health problems like hereditary and genetic diseases, because those have been weeded out though their blended blood lines. Though common canine ailments might still plague them, many believe mutts are healthier dogs who are likely to live longer than purebreds.

They bring spontaneity and fun to the family dynamic! You might have a large wooly pup with a lot of spunk and vivacity, because the dog came from Newfoundland mom, and a terrier for a dad. If you like one kind of dog breed, but find a few of their typical qualities to be undesirable, getting a mixed breed will even things out!

Mutts are easy to find! No more waiting for months until your ideal breeder produces a new litter; mutts are readily available at every animal rescue and dog shelter in the neighborhood. Just grab your wallet, and go check them out! By adopting a rescued dog, you are helping society fight the canine overpopulation problem!

Who wouldn’t want to bring these beautifully blended dogs home?

This is a fun conversion chart to get you brainstorming about what kind of mixed breed would best suit you!