Have you noticed that luxury pet food restaurants are suddenly popping up everywhere? Maybe you saw it first on a friend’s Instagram post, read about them online, or passed one on a busy city street. Not only are there starting to be pet-only food trucks, but sit-down fine-dining options are now available for pets and their owners in cities all over the world!  Maybe you are hesitant to check out the scene, or you just aren’t sure what kind of pricing or environment you’d be getting yourself into. Let us do the digging for you!  Here is a glance at a few successful luxury pet food places across the country.

Luxury Dining for Dogs

Art and Soul, Washington D.C.
Once the primary personal chef for Oprah Winfrey, Art Smith has creative this edgy crowd-pleaser for canines of every breed. Dogs can lap up the alcohol-free beer, while their owners enjoy a pint and some delicious bites to accompany the beverages. Not a bad way to spend an evening after work!

Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa, AZ
Not only does this luxury resort accommodate people and their pets,  but they serve up fresh food geared for any visiting dogs as well. There is a flavorful stir fry, salmon plate and other healthy options for dogs who are suffering from jet-lag or are weary from a long road trip. It is nice for travelers to know that both they and their dogs will be provided the special treatment at upscale places like this!

Bistro Niko, GA
Brunch is a thing, ya’ll. People on every coast enjoy a little casual late breakfast out in the sunshine, and now many restaurants offer yummy treats for the happy hounds that come with their owners. At Bistro Niko, there is a special menu only for dogs! Of course, you will have to do the perusing and ordering for your pooch, but we are positive anything you choose (whether it is the puppy pizza slice, or fresh fillet mignon)  your dog will be very pleased with his plate. Oh, and if you do happen to stop here while you’re in town,  there is a strong possibility that you could be rubbing shoulders with celebrities like Lucy Lui, Tim Tebow, Ludacris, and their dogs too!

C/O The Maidstone, NY
Chances are if you are visiting or living in East Hampton, New York you are already used to enjoying the finer things in life.  This venue is no exception, even if you are a four-legged furry friend. Pups can sup on items off the “Woof Menu” or order canine-geared drinks on the “Yappy Hour” list. Pun-happy and the perfect blend of leisure and luxury, this place is a must-stop for peckish pet owners.

The Peninsula, CA
No list of gourmet doggy-diners would be complete without mentioning one of the popular food places in Beverly Hills. Though there are fewer than 50 dogs per month, the canines that get to stay and dine in the hotel enjoy a variety of dog-martinis (made from savory beef bouillon broth), beef burgers, and steaks. Dinner just doesn’t get much better than that if you are a dog!

Still feeling uncertain?  Us too. Here are some further thoughts about gourmet pet food shops, and why we are hesitant to get on board.