We will let you in on a little secret: most pet owners have NO CLUE that their cat is fat. You would not believe how many people just give their kitty whatever kind of pet food they want, in whatever portion size they see fit, whatever time of day. But if the cat is licking his chops, doesn’t it mean you are doing your job right? Nope! You could be slowly and steadily killing him by the overfeeding. (Yes, it is that dramatic!) Don’t be in denial about the state of your feisty feline. Let us enlighten you:

This cat is fit

This cat is fat


FAT! (He’s even licking his lips!)

See the difference between fitness and fatness, in size, shape, proportion? Your fastidious feline doesn’t just have “longer fur” or “more skin” than others. Your cat is fat. Accept it, and move on. (Away from the food, of course.)

Diagnosing Your Cat

One way to tell if your cat would fit into the “obese” category (Ha. See what we did there? Cat-egory? Ok, moving on) is to look at him from above his back. If your cat has an hour-glass shape from his stomach/ribs denting inward and then extending back out by his shoulder blades, then he is in fine shape. From your bird’s-eye perspective, the belly should be wider than the rump, tilting inward past the rib cage, and then extending again by the shoulders. However, if your cat’s body resembles a large oval from the narrower rump to a wide stomach, or one thick tubular shape barely indenting before the shoulders, your cat is probably obese.

NOTE: If you have a Persian, Maine Coon, a Ragdoll or another long-haired breed, this test might be disguised by their overall fuzziness. So get ahold of the cat and feel along his stomach line. If you can feel the ribs, he is in fine condition, but if their body is flabby, or just deeply layered with no sign of bone, then you have a fat cat

Who’s To Blame?

Well, you and your cat both. Diet and exercise are the most common contributors to pet obesity. You might be feeding your pet too much, or too often, and he might not be putting forward any effort in life. Leisurely walking around the room, and rubbing his back on the couch does not constitute a good workout. If your cat is not hiding, running, chasing and playing actively at least one hour a day, then there may need to be some lifestyle changes.

BONUS Point! This is how to tell if your fat is cat. Your cat will be sitting on your stomach, making you look fat. That is a clear sign that your fat is cat!