You know the face. The one where you interrupted your cat from doing something he shouldn’t. Whether he is playing in the trash, or has a mouthful of your brand new sweater, felines sometimes can display the same level of guiltiness as dogs do! Here are some of our favorite pictures of troublesome kitties or cats caught doing something wrong, suspicious, or just plain silly!

This is the look. Know it. Learn to recognize it. This cat means trouble, folks.

It’s hard to explain the “why” of this picture, but we definitely understand HOW this happened. Cats are forever enthralled with squishing themselves into small spaces.

Sometimes a problem is way too big to handle, and the kitty needs his friends to help him escape. Guess he learned his lesson!

When no one is looking, cats can be as sneaky as the come. Just LOOK at that guilty kitty’s face as he slowly shuts the drawer…. Nothing to see here!

In a busy house it can be tough to find places to hide. I doubt this little guy knows that dishwashing machines turn to torture chambers of water. Good thing he got caught!

However, some stealthy felines don’t get caught. You may not find them at the scene of the crime, but you know who the culprit is… you just know.

Sometimes when they TRY to flee, they are caught in a bind!

Felines are smart creatures. But often their disguises just don’t pan out the way they’d planned. Pretty sure the finches won’t be staying in this birdhouse anytime soon!

As masters of the guilty face, some kitties know just how to turn the tables, and make HUMANS feel guilty for leaving them outside!

Cats are not above aiding and abetting other criminals either! (Especially if they think no one is looking!)

But sometimes there is no way to hide what they’ve done.

Even when the rebellion is so flagrant, the cat doesn’t care IF he’s caught, or if he gets into trouble. He just wants your attention, and will go after it any way possible!