Cats are strange creatures. One moment they are cuddling contentedly on the couch with you, and the next they are bounding mid-air for the furthest perch in the room.  There is no doubt that cats can behave erratically, confusing and confounding their owners.  The good news is, most of their oddities are totally normal feline behavior. So if you feel like your kitty is off his rocker, or constantly doing bizarre things, here are some helpful hints to assure you that likely as not, he’s perfectly normal.

If my cat does this, is it normal?

My cat sleeps all day.  All day, really? Maybe that is just what it seems like!  Healthy cats do usually sleep between 16-18 hours a day. Don’t be worried if your feline naps most of the day, but do try to play with him and find fun activities to help him avoid obesity or any health issues that might come from heavy sleeping animals that fail to exercise sufficiently.  Moderation is key, but sleeping frequently is completely normal for cats.

My cat does not respond at all to catnip.   While the majority of cats do get loopy, sleepy, or more energetic when exposed to the herb catnip, some felines don’t seem to have any strong reaction. If that is your kitty, don’t be too alarmed. There are plenty of other calming methods you can explore using for your pet.

My cat eats my house plants, and sucks on my wool socks.  Have you ever heard of pica?  Welcome to the wonderfully weird world of cats! Felines suck on wool, yarn, cotton toys and the like because it is nostalgically reminiscent of nursing.  They sometimes munch on green leaves and grass because they probably have a vitamin or mineral deficiency and may be seeking ways of satisfying it.  As strange as this behavior is, we promise pica  is totally normal.

My cat rubs his face on me.  Yes, this too is normal. Whether it is their sides, heads, paws, tails or faces,  cats love leaving their “scent” on the humans they live with. This is just part of the way they express affection and claim you as their own.

My cat always brings me dead animals.  Whether your kitty is a lizard hunter, a bird chaser, or mouse-stalker, bringing you the prize of their efforts is just part of how cats function.  If it is becoming a daily thing, or happening far too often for your comfort, keep your cat indoor-only to avoid dead pests in your home.

My cat drinks from the toilet.  Believe us, this habit isn’t only characteristic of dogs;  cats do it too!  They just might prefer the fresh water as opposed to the stagnant (maybe plastic-flavored) portion they have in the cat bowl.  Keep the toilet lid down if this annoys you.

My cat wakes me up by sitting on my chest or stomach while I sleep.  Don’t worry, your cat is not evil, nor is he plotting your demise. Are her paws kneading away at your bed covers, and is she purring loudly?  Some cats appreciate the rhythmic breathing that accompanies humans as they sleep.  It is warm, quiet and peaceful, and they might be up bored and prowling around the house at night, having enjoyed hours and hours of cat-napping all day.  Kneading helps stretch her paws, and is part of a cat’s natural instincts. Do not be alarmed if you wake up to your cat playing paddy-cake with your stomach, if it bothers you, simply keep your bedroom door shut.

My cat is hyperactive all night.  As nocturnal hunters in the wild, it is not unnatural for them to get a creative burst of energy after you have long gone to sleep. Some kitties snooze all day and play games late at night, only to fall into a deep stupor and sleep before the sun rises.  Note that if your cat has never been wakeful at nights, or if he is suddenly up bouncing off the walls ALL night long,  he might have hormonal or thyroid issues that should be checked with the vet.  But probably your kitty just needs some solid playtime and mental stimulation an hour or two before your turn in, that way he will be tuckered out too!