Teddy bears are an iconic image of childhood. Most of us had a favorite stuffed bear that we would read to, nap with, and bring with us everywhere we’d go.  The good news is, growing up has its perks! Instead of a plush toy bear, we get to own and care for live animals!  For those of us who have never gotten over our love of the classic teddy bear, here are some beautiful dog breeds that offer the same nostalgic charm. Peruse the pictures below to see which breed steals your heart and reminds you of your favorite childhood toy.

All these fluffy Poodles need are big red bows around their necks to be the spitting image of icon teddy bears.

American Akita puppy
This winter-coated Akita puppy would make a great cuddle companion with that sweet bear cub face.

Shiba Inu puppies
Shiba Inu puppies have the perfectly round ears of a teddy bear, and fuzzy little faces that could turn any frown upside down!

Samoyed puppies
If polar bears were your teddy of choice, then these Samoyed snowflakes would be the right breed for you!

These fur-balls are may not always have the classic teddy-bear copper color that is often the most popular color of the plush toys but they are still cute as a button!

Newfoundlands are not only wooly-coated teddy bear dogs, but they are patient with children and have gentle demeanors. It will feel as if your childhood dream toy just came to life!

Chow Chow puppy
This cream-colored Chow Chow puppy looks like a little bear cub, and the big papa Chow Chow closely resembles Smokey Bear!

We are not entirely sure how this Spitz dog is able to look exactly like a Panda bear,  but he sure would be a funny munchkin to have around the house!

Tibetan Mastiff
This giant Tibetan Mastiff may look less like a teddy bear and more like the real thing!

This little guy seems to already think he is a teddy bear!