Cats don’t like being in water. Usually. The general belief is that bath time is something that all cats hate. However, there are some felines who not only might play in puddles, or bat away busily at water faucets, but some even enjoy a good swim. Since many wild cats fish to survive, an acceptance of water contact has been passed down to certain domestic breeds. These water-appreciators are listed below:

Water-loving Cat Breeds

  1. Maine Coon: Often described as one of the only truly American original cat breeds, Maine Coons were once maritime pets. Kept for their rodent-catching ways while aboard water vessels, these friendly felines don’t mind getting wet in the least.
  2. Bengals: Having a closer connection to their wild cat heritage, Bengals are only a few generations removed from the Asian Leopard cats who are not at all averse to taking a dip. Bengals will happily join their owners for warm shower, or even happily take their own bath! For maximal entertainment, watch these exotic kitties splash around by adding a few water-proof cat toys to the tub!
  3. Manx: These cats enjoy companionship so much that they will accompany their owners almost anywhere, even right into a pool or shower. Their water-fascination may not be that big of a surprise, since these tail-free cats lived long by the sea, on Great Britain’s Isle of Man.
  4. Norwegian Forest Cats: Adept hunters, the large forest cats have thick, water-resistant coats to keep them warm while they fish. Though the weather in Norway seldom lends itself to swimming, the country’s official cat breed is not put off by water.
  5. Turkish Angoras: Descended from the swim-happy Turkish cats, these fluffy kitties will not jump into every body of water available. But with proper coaxing and patience, their willingness to paddle around pays due homage to their fish-hunting ancestors.
  6. Abyssinians: The lithe Abyssinians are an active breed always on the prowl for entertainment. They are drawn to water, so if there is a large basin nearby to swat at or dip toes in, these curiosity-driven felines will find a way to incorporate water in their friskiness.
  7. Turkish Vans: Not to be confused with the Turkish Angoras, the Vans cats historically were so enamored with water, that they were once called “swimming cats.” If you own one of these beauties, keep your bathroom door closed and your toilet lid down if you don’t want to find your cat attempting to swim!

Other cats that love to play in the water: Japanese Bobtail, American Bobtail (also a good
therapy pet breed!) and the Savannah cat. Both the ocelots and fishing cat like swimming and playing in water, but these are only rarely kept as domestic pets.