Some pet owners take holidays a bit too far. They dress their pets in costume, dye their fur celebratory colors, and choose odd ways to enjoy the holiday with their pets. Nevertheless, whether it is Memorial Day weekend, Independence Day or Christmas Eve, it is always fun to include your cat or dog in the festivities. Here are a few glimpses of kitties who are really doing their part to show their loyalty to the grand United States.

Cats don’t generally use their paws to clasp flag poles, we suspect the owner might have had something to do with this pose. Nevertheless, wave it proudly, little fella!

Overkill is what happens when have too much soda, watermelon, cotton candy and ice cream at the Independence Day parade. It also happens when you dress your cat like this.


You see our point? This cat certainly does!

This pet-owner may be projecting their patriotism on this feline. He looks less than amused…

Sometimes it is just nicer to rest peacefully under the protective ole Red, White, n’ Blue!

We like to think of this furry patriot as sticking his little tongue out at anyone who threatens the peace of this nation. God bless America, right?

The cat is walking upon an American Flag… is this insurgence or does this signify that the feline is merely putting his full weight on this great country? We may never know.

What country does this cat live in? Gosh… if only there was some way to tell.

Maybe that flag-painted cat is owned by the same people who live in this house.

At the end of the day, even the grumpiest of felines bleed red, white and blue!