Shar Pei puppies

Shar Pei puppies

Humans hate wrinkles. In fact, most of the multi-billion dollar skincare industry centers on wrinkle prevention and anti-aging products. However adamantly we abhor crow’s feet and creases in the skin, there is no denying that wrinkly dogs are downright adorable. The wrinkle-faced Bulldogs remain one of the most popular dog breeds, with French Bulldogs currently ranking as the uncontested breed of choice in New York City.  Find out what causes the crinkles, how to care for dogs with wrinkles, and which breeds have the most furrows in their faces!

What Causes the Wrinkles

A recent report by the Universitat Autonoma De Barcelona found that dog breeds like the Shar Pei actually have wrinkles because of a genetic disorder causing the over-production of hyaluronic acid. This substance gathers under the skin and creates thick folds and wrinkles in the surface. The disorder (called “mucinosis”) effects several breeds, and has become a distinct feature that makes breeds like Shar Peis highly sought after.

How to Care for Wrinkles

Having a pup with a wrinkled coat can be a lot to manage. Creases increase moisture in creases. (See what we did there? Sorry –had to!) When a dog walks, plays or exercises, his sweat can seep in the wrinkles and stay trapped in that space. The damp skin then collects dirt, dead skin cells, hair, dust, and other grimy particles that get caught between the folds as the dog goes about his day. If the wrinkles are not cleaned, the moisture and dirt can grow bacteria, causing skin infections, entropion (skin folding over the eyelids), skin fold dermatitis, and odors from the dog’s coat. One way to avoid these complications is to wipe your dog daily with antibacterial cloths over his face and whole body. While some wrinkly breeds only have creases on their faces, others have folds all across their bodies, and will need special attention given to their hygiene and healthcare. Daily wiping will not only help the condition of the dog’s coat, but will also keep him bacteria-free and smelling fresh.

The List

If you are considering adding a wrinkly dog to your family, glance at the list of the most wrinkled dog breeds below. Whether you are looking for a small lap dog or a large guard dog, one of these crinkly beauties will be just the right fit.

  • Shar Pei
  • Neopolitan Mastiff
  • English Mastiff
  • Bullmastiff
  • Dogue De Bordeaux
  • Bulldog breeds
  • Bloodhound
  • Pekingese