If someone were to detail all that a perfect dog would be, they would get very close to describing a Golden Retriever. These pups have all the intelligence of the most skillful canines, with all the charm, adaptability and enthusiasm of a dream family pet. And if their temperament and character qualities weren’t enough to win you over as a Golden Retriever fan club, just look at pictures of Golden puppies! From their earliest moments to full adulthood, these beautiful dogs have claimed a prominent place in America’s Top 5 list of best canine breeds.

Facts About Golden Retrievers

  • Golden Retrievers as a breed were developed in the 1800’s by a British baron by the name of Lord Tweedmouth. He crossed the now extinct Tweed water spaniels and the flat coated retriever, which resulted in the shaggy-blond pups we know and love.
  • They were originally called the Golden Flat Coat, but became identified as Golden Retrievers in 1913, as the breed became an official club in the United Kingdom that year. However, they were not recognized as a breed in the United States until 1925.
  • There are three kinds of Golden Retrievers, the British, American and Canadian type of Golden Retrievers, which all have their own unique builds and coat density. The colors can be anything from white, light-colored, golden, and dark ruddy/mahogany color coats.
  • Golden Retrievers are incredible hunters, though that is not considered their foremost skill. Goldens have such keen scent abilities that these adept trackers are often used in search and rescue missions, and bomb or narcotic detection teams.
  • The minds of Golden Retrievers are as sharp as their noses. Out of all the dog breeds in the world, theses retrievers rank as the 4th most intelligent dog breed.
  • Goldens are excellent competitors in obedience training. When the American Kennel Club first began the obedience trails in 1977, the first three dogs to win were all Golden Retrievers.
  • These beautiful dogs are known for having a wide variety of skill sets as a service dog breed. They are beloved therapy dogs, medical detection dogs, movement assistant dogs, guide dogs, and devoted companions to convalescing patients and the elderly.
  • Golden Retrievers are superior family dogs. Not only are they highly responsive to training, but these pups are affection and loyal to the core. Their patience, consistent temperament, eager obedience, and protective nature make them the perfect addition to families large and small. The only downside to a Golden Retriever is the necessary brushing of their double fur coats (which are great for cold and wet weather, but not ideal for cleaning).
  • Golden Retrievers also get along well with cats, other dogs, and are welcoming toward strangers. If these easy-going dogs act suspiciously of someone, that would be worth heeding since they generally love everyone they meet.
  • Political dignitaries and celebrities adore these pooches. They have been the canine companion of choice to Presider Gerald Ford, actors like Jackie Chan, Tom Cruise, Jerry Seinfeld, Jimmy Stewart, Pamela Andersen, Mary Tyler More, and Betty White. Other famous Golden Retriever owners are Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, Ron Howard, and Ronald Reagan. Author David Resenfelt had a notable admiration for the breed, rescuing over 37 Golden Retrievers, and starting his own canine rescue home called the Tara Foundation.
  • Golden Retrievers not only are owned by many celebrities, numerous dogs have become movie stars They have appeared in shows like Full House and Empty Nest, as well as films like Air Bud and Homeward Bound.
  • Right on the fluffy heels of their Labrador counterparts, the Golden Retriever is ranked as the 3rd most popular canine breed in America. Only German Shepherds and the leading Labrador are considered preferable to this crowd pleaser.