Basset Hound puppy

How can something so cute not be in high demand? (Basset Hound)

Pet-ownership can be expensive. With the purchase of all the items dogs need such as beds, toys, crates, treats, food, etc., combined with the regular veterinary appointments and trips to the groomers, owning dogs gets to be expensive. If you aren’t particular about what kind of dog breed to get, here is a list of the best puppy-deals you can find on the market.

Cheapest dog breeds:
Don’t let the price tags fool you; there are plenty of world-class winners in this list. For example, some of the breeds ranked as the most intelligent dogs in the world (such as the Border Collie and the Papillon) made the “Cheapest Dogs” list. Also included is the charming hypoallergenic dogs like the Bichon Frisé and the rodent-chasing champion, the Rat Terrier. Surprisingly, the Pug has been rated as one of the breeds most likely to be owned by wealthy people, yet they are some of the least expensive dogs! However, as may be expected when it comes to cheap dog breeds, one or two in this list might also have made it in our Top Ten Ugliest Dog Breeds list as well. Whatever kind of canine pal you are looking for, one thing is certain: price doesn’t discriminate! Here are some of the best discount doggies below:

  • Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog – Average price: $400
  • Australian Sky Terrier – Average price: $550
  • Field Spaniel – Average Price: $500
  • Rat Terrier –Average Price: $250-350
  • Austrian Black and Tan –Average Price: $400
  • Basset Hound –Average Price: $400
  • Chihuahua –Average Price: $200-500
  • Border Collie –Average Price: $525
  • Pug –Average Price: $350
  • Bichon Frisé –Average Price: $500
  • English Setter –Average Price: $200-300
  • Peruvian Inca Orchid –Average Price: $300-500
  • Pekingese –Average Price: $500
  • Plott Hound –Average Price: $200-300
  • Dachshund –Average Price: $300-500
  • American Hairless –Average Price: $300-400
  • Collie –Average Price: $400
  • Parson Russell Terrier: –Average Price $300-400
  • American Foxhound –Average Price: $450
  • Mini Pinscher –Average Price: $400
  • Affenpinscher – Average Price: $ 300
  • Papillon –Average Price: $400-500

When in doubt: adopt!
One of the greatest uncontested cheap breeds, is the loveable mutt. These darling hybrids found in dog homes, rescues and shelters often cost no more than a basic adoption fee of $150-200. Not only does mutt-adoption provide a good home to a pal in need, but it is a great way to save a few pennies while pitching in for the greater good. If cheap is what you are looking for, dog adoption might be the right solution.