Animals can be demanding. They need attention, love, playtime, exercise, healthcare, check-ups, vaccinations, surgeries, and spontaneous trips outside in the middle of the night! Not only that, but they require a lot of THINGS such as food, toys, water/food bowls, beds, blankets, wipes, collars, leashes, lasers, chews, and treats, etc.   You can’t just up and leave for the weekend, without arranging a pet-sitter, doggy daycare or a pet hotel. One cannot deny that there are so many strings attached (usually to feathers that your cat likes to chase around) when it comes to owning a pet.

While cats and dogs are not the only pet options available, (believe us, we made a solid list of low maintenance animals to own!), sometimes, just having an animal at ALL feels like too big of a responsibility. If you decide to make a plant your pet, here are some reasons why having a pet plant might be your best alternative to a living animal.

Top 10 Reasons Why Plants Make the Best Pets
1. They are low maintenance. All plants need are water and sunshine. That’s it. I mean, if you really want to go overboard you can sprinkle a little “flower food” on your geranium, but it is completely unnecessary. Plants like orchids don’t even need to be watered; just throw a cube of ice on the soil and let it melt.

2. They work well in any residence. There is no chance you will be disqualified in your apartment hunting because you have a pet plant! The “No-Pets Allowed” warning simply won’t deter the domestic bliss shared by you and your basil bush! (Which you too can feel free to name!)

3. They never bark or meow. All your neighbors will love you and your silent roommate! Now you can do yoga in the living room while your plant quietly cleanses their air with her green leaves, instead of yipping at your heels, or batting at your hair mid downward-facing dog pose. Ahhhh, Namaste!

They'll never disturb your private time.

They’ll never disturb your private time.

4. They are great listeners. Your friend thinks her dog is a good “therapist” just wait ‘til you tell her about your pet plant! Maybe she’ll also want to hang with your plant, when she hears how you reliable greenery never interrupts, never bosses you around, and certainly doesn’t judge when you make mistakes. The plant just sits there, growing more beautiful every day, reminding you that the circle of life continues whether or not that cute guy calls you back.

5. They don’t take up much space. Plants can conveniently hang from flower pots above, they can grace your kitchen counter, lay on your patio, or create a centerpiece for your dining room table.

6. They are wonderful with kids. Never, in the history of plant-pet-parenthood has a spring of moss attacked a child. Not even a poky succulent can do much harm to a curious child. The plant will never growl, hiss, or retaliate if your kiddos accidently break a leaf or pick a flower. As long as your child doesn’t have an inclination to EAT the plant (and as long as Greeny isn’t poisonous) then you can leave your kids with them anytime, without the slightest fear.

They also don't shake themselves dry and get everyone wet.

They also don’t shake themselves dry and get everyone wet.

7. You don’t have to socialize them. Plants are so laid-back they get along well with kids, all humans, and even other plants. They will never fight over a place in the sun, or back away suspiciously whenever a new friend comes over. Plus, they look fabulous in family photos!

8. Instead of causing problems, they can heal problems. Sunburned? Your aloe plant can deal with that. Hot day? Use a few of your friend’s minty leaves in your iced tea. Some people believe bamboo is empowering, and that basil’s antibacterial properties stave off illness. Trouble sleeping? Let rosemary and lavender plants help relax you.

9. They are very obedient. When you say “stay,” they ALWAYS stay. No treats necessary.

10. They can be left unattended for days. You don’t even have to worry about leaving them home alone – they actually LIKE it! And they won’t be traumatized by separation anxiety if they don’t see you for a while.


11. You can grow together for LIFE. I mean… does this one need an explanation?

NOTE: Be warned… some people take this plant-devotion a little too seriously. Remember, plants are pets, not the love of your life!