dog chewing on car tire

Not everyone has spare tires lying around –best to get a proper chew toy!

All right, no dog toy is completely indestructible. But some of them are so hardy that even the most persistent chewers will be engaged for days and days trying to tear them to shreds. From the time puppies are born until their young adult years, they have a strong desire to chew, bite, gnaw on and practice using key hunting skills that are a part of their nature. If the proper dog toys are not provided for a growing dog, the pup will find alternative objects to chew. So in an effort to preserve your shoes, kid’s toys, and furniture, the wisest purchase would be to find a toy that is built to last.

There are a wide variety of dog toys, some soft, some chewy toys designed for new puppies, some are even flavored. Some of these last longer than others for most dog breeds. But what if you have a larger dog, who has some aggressive toy-chewing instincts? Either you are going to go through pig ears faster than a new baby goes through bottles of milk, or you are going to find a more durable option. Here are our favorite long-enduring canine chew toys:

Long-Lasting Dog Toys

  • GoughNut Stick Indestructible Dog Toy: The name of this green tube of rubber leaves no room for doubt. Double as a fetch stick and a chew toy. It floats in water, is easy to clean, and offers a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer. If your dog should happen to best the GoughNut Stick by chewing through to the red inner layer, they will send a new one free of charge!
  • Kong Brand toys: This brand has several rough-n-ready chew toys that are fashioned out of natural rubber. Both the Classic Kong (these come in red) and the Extreme Kong (black-colored) are good options for chew-happy pups, in that they both hold up for as long as your dog will chomp on them.
  • Planet Orbee toys: According to reviews on, this line of toys is ranked often as one of the top 5 most indestructible canine chew toys ever made. The Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Diamond Plate Ball has been known to keep dogs busy for months.
  • Nylabone Galileo: There is not a lot of controversy about this toy, since it is a tried-and-true option that has made a lasting impression on dog-owners. Some have noted that this toy has withstood daily chewing for up to 4-5 years before beginning to wear down, and others caution dog-owners by insisting their pups have broken teeth on the Nylabone. Be sure to use warily, weighing out the size, ability and determination of your dog breed before handing over this indestructible toy.